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Hot in 2012 — Music Tech

Europe and music technology are hot in 2012. Spotify, SoundCloud, Mixcloud…et al are the next logical heirs to a throne currently occupied by Pandora, and they are hot on Oakland’s heels.

For a bit more on why the race is so interesting at the moment, check out this piece written by yours truly in The Kernel, a new technology website with a bit of a longer-form approach.

Also, if you are an entrepreneur or UK startup working around Intellectual Property, and you haven’t yet heard of the Hargreaves Review. Stop everything you are doing and read this event summary.

If the access and rights management structure in the UK is not dramatically overhauled via what is being proposed by Richard Hooper and the startups involved now at the ground floor, success will prove much more difficult.

With Midem France just around the corner, we’ll be covering and contributing around this exciting space for many months to come!

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Looking to 2012 - State of Euro Startup PR

It’s a great time to be a tech entrepreneur in Europe, and at MaintainPR we are super excited about our year ahead supporting them. From SoundCloud solidifying Berlin and tech Europe’s place on the map, to trends and places to be at the start of 2012, here is a bit more web reading why:

SoundCloud Closes Additional Funding Adds Mary Meeker as Advisor

Berlin is quickly becoming Europe’s “it” city for technology startups, and the trend is anchored by SoundCloud's presence there. SoundCloud recently unveiled a funding round along with the announcement that Silicon Valley stalwart and ex-analyst Mary Meeker (whose “State of the Web” keynotes guide decision making throughout the industry) will be joining their advisory board. This is huge.

Tech blogging veteran Om Malik recently put feet to pavement in Berlin as well, and wrote this piece on the exciting state of European tech after his visit.

Conferences and Meetups in 2012

Berlin. France. London. Amsterdam. We’ve completed an extensive calendar for European Tech and Marketing events coming in 2012. Click the link above to view the calendar on MaintainPR’s events page, and get in touch about speaking placements if you are a startup founder!

Big Changes in Tech Blogging Landscape

Tech writing/blogging has always been a high turnover field, but the end of 2011 saw a flurry of activity and change-ups as many top writers jumped properties or were poached for new projects once the dust settled from recent acquisitions. Ben Parr (formerly of Mashable) wrote up a must-read summary of all the changes, which you can check out by clicking above.

Long Form Tech Writing Saved by Londonite?

And just when you thought tech writing and entrepreneurial coverage would be completely decimated by link bait list formats and blog acquisitions by Internet giants with their own agendas…London’s own Milo Yiannopoulos launches The Kernel, a new, longer-form technology rag for the well informed and enquiring technology minded.

This project has some great contributors, and Milo’s hallmark nose for commentary…already an MPR must read!

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