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The Future of Communication Lies in Data Visualization

As social media like blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube grow increasingly popular among consumers, marketers are now sitting on more data about the changing behavior of their customers than anyone knows what to do with. But those who will succeed in their marketing strategy, as well as take best advantage of the current paradigm shift from search (scale) to engagement (friend influence) for communications will have to work closely with data visualization.

Facebook (which now accounts for around 53.5 billion minutes of American’s time online in a month) for example, has just expanded the methods for users to help tell your story with the recent introduction of the Ticker, and Timeline.

While Twitter (with a respectable 565.2m minutes), is quickly becoming the go-to tool for sourcing information for journalists, and recent efforts are really stepping up the usefulness for PRs and journalists.

Here is a list of third-party companies and tools MaintainPR has sourced as being on top of the trend:

Trendrr A Twitter ecosystem partner, is a real-time data-processing engine that powers market intelligence tools for television, Tweet curation, and on-air visualizations

Gnip Aggregates data from Twitter, Facebook (and 100+ more) into one intelligent API

Mass Relevance A real-time curation and moderation platform called TweetRiver  helps media organizations identify the Tweets that are most relevant for a given topic or event

Fanpagetrender Facebook fanpage analytics with an eye toward the power of graphs for real-time info. You can put your own comments on graphs which makes it easy to assess influence at a particular point of time.

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