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2014 LA Hacks Keynote


The following keynote was delivered by Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, during LA Hacks at Pauley Pavilion on April 11, 2014.

I am very grateful for your time and attention this evening. It is absolutely incredible to see so many young people gathered here together to build things. I really…

Some interesting points…

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3 Tips/Tools Comms Folks Need To Get On Now for 2014

Happy 2014! Have you prepared with smart tools for your influencer and media relations?

1) Use Cloze ( to define a list of your key media relationships and get a mobile unified inbox for their messages and status updates.

2) Grab your unique Vine ( URL right now! Here’s me.

3) Start a Muck Rack ( Pro account and set alerts for the keywords that matter to your clients. Muck Rack monitors what journalists are sharing and discussing on Twitter. It’s Google Alerts, but before the stories are written!

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Cookie Hands?



As any chef can attest, swiping, scrolling, or clicking through a recipe with fingers covered in dough can be a messy, insurmountable feat – not to mention potentially damaging to your devices. Reaching into Allthecooks Recipes with Leap Motion, however, keeps your device batter-free….

Loving Allthecooks in the Leap Motion Airspace app store!

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allthecooks Spotlighted on Techcrunch for App Indexing

allthecooks featured in Techcrunch. What’s your recipe for app deep-linking?

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